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Aura Charts

Aliveness Retreats

Aliveness Retrea in Austria, Energy retreat

Upper-Austria  2024

7th to 11th February 2024

Prepare to deeply explore your life during this intense five-day event. Our retreat is designed to push you beyond your limits and connect you to the boundless, life-giving energy of the universal field. By stepping into this new paradigm of consciousness, you will unlock the secrets to recognizing the signs and shifts that indicate your successful connection to your inner-powers…

Aliveness Retreat in Bali

Bali 2024

23th to 29th April 2024

This deeply healing inner journey is sets out to release energy blockages stored in both your body and mind. Come also to recharge your soul’s batteries, replenish your energy with lasting peace, joy, and self-love. Let these beautiful 6 nights / 7 days guide you home where you accept yourself 100%, discorver whom you truely are in a magical place on Volcano, right in the heart of bali.