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The Energetic Axes

Traditional medicine with Quantic Knowledge

Ancient cultures used energy pathways & centers to fix imbalances by adjusting the flows through these centers/pipelines within the body. The new Quantic medecine are developing even further thoses techniques.

What are our energetic axes?

What is similar across all ancient energy healing tradions is the fact, that energy flow through our body with lines or centers but always well balanced between vertical and horizontal axes. Aswell they all agree on the existance of subtle bodies.

What is the vibrational aspect?

In the science of Bio-energies, it is through our DNA(piezoelectric braiding), that we capture different electromagnetic frequencies and sounds, which will then affect our internal chemistry.

This is also true at subtler levels. Vibrations are captured by the chakras in specific frequency spectra. High frequecy on top, low frequency in the bottom.

Then we use our energetic body as a vibration tuner.

This has useful application for interpreting the way personal and collective memories are inscribed in us and how they can affect our physical & non-physical bodies.

Spatio temporal symbolism of the Vital field

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