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All About YIN YANG


Explore the dualities within and connect to your essence which is balance. Your awareness will be guided through your physical, energetic, emotional and mental body. You will be invited to hold space for the Yin and Yang parts of yourself individualy to allow both energies to rise and to find balance.

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Do you feel a little out of BALANCE?

Is your sleep, health, business or relationships suffering?

Then working with the forces of Yin & Yang can help!

The primary purpose of this course is to develop a deeper understanding of the natural forces of Yin and Yang and to give you practical, modern day applications as to how to work with these forces rather than against them.

This course includes:

Audio guided practices, excercises & meditations

The knowledge I will share with you, will give you a deep understanding of how the Yin Yang energy for healing purposes works.

Please note that you don’t need to have any familiarity with energies, we will approch the subject together.

Healing time! Go!


This course contains the following pratices:

  • Know where Yin Yang theory came from and how it evolved

  • Know if you are predominately Yin or Yang in your energy levels and your approach to life
  • learn the principles that come out of Yin Yang philosophy
  • Understand Yin Yang in a much more complete and thorough way
  • 2 differents meditations to rebalance & absorb the Yin Yang energy
  • Apply Yin & Yang principles to modern life
open your heart course

To Whom this course is design for:

  • Anyone with an interest in Yin and Yang philosophy
  • Anyone looking to bring more balance into their lives
  • Anyone with an interest in the “art of living”
  • Anyone with an interest in Oriental medicine
  • Anyone who feel disbalanced between masculine and feminine