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Unlock Your Heart


Find appreciation and love, grow your inner guidance. When your heart is full you can access to the vital mindfulness. Let’s explore together each level and unlock your full potential.

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This is a step by step course to help you learn how to unlock your heart.

I will take you through some guidance for heart connection. I want to accompany you on this journey to get you out of your head and into your heart.

In the next 7 lessons we will explore how the thinking mind keeps us trapped in cycles of suffering, as we examine our thought patterns, feelings and body sensations.

We will explore how to be present, as we cultivate appreciation for our basic goodness and find it in others as well.

This course includes:

Audio guided practices, excercises & meditations

The knowledge I will share with you will give you a deep understanding of how the heart energy for healing purposes works.

Please note that you don’t need to have any familiarity with the chakras, we will approch the subject together.

Healing time! Go!


This course contains the following practices:


  • Intro to your Heart

  • 1. Reconnect to your heart

  • 2. Break Free

  • 3. Befriend Your Mind

  • 4. Embodiment From the Inside Out

  • 5. Heading into the Heartspace

  • 6. Gratitude & our 5 senses

  • 7. The Heart Energies

open your heart course

Who this course is for:

  • For people who want to reconnect with their hearts
  • For people who want to learn how to use the love energy to heal blockages, pain and trauma in the energy body
  • For people who want to create major breakthroughs for others through the power of subtle energy
  • For people interested in strengthening their head to heart connection
  • For people who want to start or improve their own healing and finding their inner way through their hearts