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Energy Healing Master Course


This course is to complement & master what you have learned in the Explore & Empower energy healing course/study, it is teached only in person in Vienna, Austria.

In this course we apply the skills learned in Energy healing Explore & Empower, expanding our knowledge of how energetic flow in the body, and how to awaken your abilities for healing and transformation. We learn deeper on how to work with the energy (chakra) systems and the electromagnetic field (aura).

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This master course is a live course consisting of 2x 3h online sessions to learn the theoretical knowledge & 2 full days in Vienna Austria. This will take you systematically through the ‘Why’, ‘How’ and ‘What’ of Energy Healing and will highlight key aspects that every Energy Healer must consider during healing. It offers valuable guidelines which can make the process of healing fast and effortless.

The course introduces you to concepts and their applications in an easy to understand language and includes Practical Demonstrations of Healing. The course is designed to serve as a complete guide to help you in your own inner healing journey and development in a proffessional way.


You will learn how to use your hands to sense the communication from a body and thereby heal health disorder or emotional blockages.

You will learn about various Healing indicators that are commonly observed as the body initiates correction at the deepest level of the quantum field.

You will also learn how to do ‘Distance Healing/ Remote Healing’

If you did Reiki and want to take your practice deeper, this is a perfect compliment that will deepen your understanding and give you a more creative approach to heal your clients.

Please note that you should have done my healing course “Explore & Empower” which cover the basis of energy healing or a Reiki level 1 & at your regards some familiarity with the chakras.

This is a powerful and transformative opportunity, it is time to develop your purpose!


  • Apply the skills learned in Energy healing Level 1
  • Expanding your knowledge of how energies flow
  • Awaken & master your abilities for healing and transformation
  • Use the 5 elements for Healing
  • Energy Axes & Biofield axes
  • Learn how to channel Higher Vibrational Energy through your hands
  • Understand how to guide a client into a deep and relaxed State (the theta state)
  • Removes energy blockages, adjusts the energy flow of the client & bringing the body into balance and harmony
  • How to work with the energy (chakra) systems
  • Clean the electromagnetic field (aura)
  • How to use a Pendulum in your healing practice
  • Understand the power of Crystals/Gemstones
  • Know How to clear attached Entities
  • Notions of Geobiology
  • Energy Healing Ethics and advices to develop your activity
  • Energetic cleansing methods
  • Meditations to access your higher self

For Whom is this course designed:

  • For everyone who want to master energy healing abilities
  • For those who are ready to create powerful, transformational, Sacred spaces for others to heal and develop.
  • For everyone who want to learn how to use subtle energy to heal blockages, pains, and trauma in the energy body
  • For people who want to create major breakthroughs for others through the power of the universal energy
  • This course is a great opportunity for Reiki practioner to improve their knowledge in energies
  • For people interested in strengthening their intuition & psychic gift
  • For people who want to start or improve their own healing business
  • For those ready to fully immerse in their personal development and healing.

Next Dates:

On request


This training is a state of the art course. We will take a journey deep into ourselves for our own personal development and expansion of our ability to the healing world. It is a unique compilation of the foundations of trauma with Energy healing work that create a field for healing.

A big focus on this training is that of our own internal work and personal development. You will meet yourself in such a deep sacred way that you will meet the true essence of who you are and how you can bring that fourth into the world and how you can serve your community through using Energy Healing.

This training requires personal commitment to continue to grow, evolve and show up for this transmission for the entire length of the training.

You will be required to deeply commit to the days, and the follow up work. This commitment will change your life.