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Boost your own energy!

    It’s important to keep our energy up. It’s difficult to be creative or productive or happy when you’re drained or fatigued. The first step fo boosting your energy is to understand what raises your energy level and what depletes it.

Ask yourself: what gives YOU energy?

  • A walk in Forest, seaside, montain, nature…
  • Eat an healthy meal/snack
  • Take a power nap/short meditation

Use this list of your unique energy boosters to know what to do when you’re feeling fatigued. Schedule them regularly to keep your energy levels high.

What is draining you?

  • Aim for seven hours of sleep a night
  • Participate in regular, physical activity.
  • Work, stress, public transports…
  • Social life, entourage, familly, kids…
  • Anxiety, fear(s), anger…

These are the things to reduce in your life.  When you know you have to do one of them, balance it with some energy boosters from your first list.

Short terms energy fixes:

If your energy level is generally pretty good, but you’re having one of ‘those days’ when you find yourself fatigued or dragging, try one (or more) of these energy boosters:

  • Take a walk outside. The combination of sunlight, fresh air and exercise will recharge you.
  • Have a nap. A brief lie-down (15/20min)can give your body and brain a chance to rest.
  • Do something you love. It’s hard to be tired when you’re happy.
  • Do something new. Try a new food or place or activity.
  • Stretch, stand up and/or move your body. Especially if you’re in a situation in which you are sitting for long periods of time.

“Try something new, a meditation class (active or passive) or try Yoga it really help to listen our body.

Meditation reduces stress & anxiety levels.

If we can reduce it, many health benefits will follow.

Patrick Guérin

Energeticien & Radiesthesist


To boost your energy over the long-term you need to take good care of yourself.
  • Aim for seven hours of sleep a night.
  • Participate in regular, physical activity.
  • Eat healthy food. More fresh fruits, vegetables & more whole grains will give you more energy & for longer.
  • Drink more water. Our bodies are mostly water and we need water to function. (approximately 2 liters) daily is the minimum to maintain proper hydration.
  • Drink less/stop alcohol, stop smoking.
  • Express your creativity. Listen to music, read, go out to cinema, exibitions…
  • Open your spiritual side, do Meditation, Yoga…
  • Spend more time in nature regularly.
  • Unplug. Take regular breaks: turn off your phone/computer/TV.
  • Try new things. Take a fun class/workshop. Open yourself.

To help you aswell you can check Essential oils, commonly used in aromatherapy, they are great natural energy boosters.

If your low energy levels persist, make an appointment with your Energy Therapist or your Doctor to discuss other conditions that could be affecting you.

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