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10 tips to Cleanse Your Home of Negative Energy

in 10 minutes or less!
    If your home has experienced any illnesses or heated arguments, I advise using a combination of cleansing tools on regular basis, including a white sage stick, Palo Santo wood, and Frankincense. For an extra dose of cleansing, follow thoses natural tips…

Why you should clean your house?

You can’t see the “dust” of energy that settles in your home, but you can feel it. Have you ever felt when you walk into a place: uncomfortable, can’t move/think, heavy shoulders, tensions rises quickly, or others unwanted feelings?

Bring back a relax, welcoming, vibrante energy of life now!

Keep out Used & Negative energies!

Bring your sanctuary away from feeling heavy and stagnant by combining these basic Feng Shui principles with other cleansing techniques. Try these practices several times and get ready to invite good fortune, prosperity, and positive vibes into your life.

The Power of White Sage…

One of the easiest and quickest ways for getting rid of negative energy, Sage is considered a sacred plant by Native Americans for thousands of years. Burning sage was used for many purposes, such as energy cleansing, ritual ceremonies, and healing. Today, burning sage is used by alterative medicine people all over the world to help restore vitality and health. It has the power to neutralize negative energy by burning away any unwanted energy and carrying it away with its smoke.

“You can’t see the “dust” of energy that settles in your home, but you still have to clean this stagnant energy, because it collect & affect you, other.

Feel more fresh and full of life in your space.

Patrick Guérin

Energeticien & Radiesthesist

My top10 tips to Cleanse Your Home

Clear & rise vibration level of your home to an other level
  • Open windows and shades, flood rooms with light and fresh air.
  • Clean the floor or your entrance, to keep the energy clean & positive.
  • Entrance and windows are the starting point of renewal energy in your place, clean doors, windows & door handles/knobs by spraying water with Incense India essential oil or water with lemon juice and white vinegar.
  • Clean up/tidy your kitchen it represent health and financial.
  • Passby all places with white sage smoke, don’t forget corner, door frame, mirrors…
  • Put salt in four corner of your rooms, change it after 48h, it will absorb negative energy.
  • Close toilet lids, it helps reduce “Chi” going away by the drains.
  • Use sounds to clear and cleanse,  sound vibrations are a powerful way to clear the energy of a room and raise its energetic vibration.
  • Light candles to remove negative energy. For centuries, white candles have been used to remove negative energy from a space.Try lighting a candle to deepen your meditation practice, yoga, and other healing therapies.
  • Take a shower or a bath with salt, and feel the water cleaning you.

To help you more you can check Essential oils, stones & crystals, they are great natural energy filters.

If your home still feels low in energy after cleaning it, contact me to discuss other conditions that could be affecting your place.

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