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Create Your Energetic Protection Bubble

in 10 minutes or less!

You may find yourself easily affected by other people, situations, and environments? Feeling drained & tired…Why?

Make sure you stay protected from unwanted agression. Peace in, stress out…

With that said, here is some help in this department to be ready and stay awesome!

Let’s get non-physical…

As we are all made from electrons, we have a + and -, “energy”. This energy circulate in and around us, through lines and centers (Meridiens, Chakras) and our differents bodies (Physical, emmotionnal, causal…)

We are able to attrack/use/give/take energy. And we can protect ourself from any harmful situation.

Keep out Energetic Bombardment or Attack!

This Bubble will protect or prevent someone or something from getting inside.  It means not inviting something in.

Creating a shield is a key.  Make an energetic bubble will bring a rounded shape of light around so there is no amount of surface for negativity to sit on.  Negativity just falls off from you. (very common in the “Chi”)


“Make sure you stay protected from unwanted agression.

Peace in, stress out…

Keep Energetic Bombardment out, build your bubble.

Patrick Guérin

Energeticien & Radiesthesist

Making your Energetic bubble

It help to rise vibration level of your body to an other level
  • Find a quite place to sit or lay down.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Pay attention to your breath, noticing the flow of air in and out of your nostrils.
  • Take deep and slow breath. In through the nose, out through to mouth.
  • As you inhale imagine a river wonderfully golden, energetic light falling into your head & filling your lungs.
  • As you exhale visualise any negativity leaving your body.
  • Imagine this golden light/ flow of energy, overflows your lungs & head.
  • It fills up now every parts of your body from your feet going up to your head again.
  • Let this river of energy continue to come in and flood like water around you.
  • Take this energy and make a strong bubble around you (you can do movement with your arms if you want).
  • This is your protection now look at it, it’s beautiful, it’s yours.
  • Make sure the bubble is closed under your feet and on top of your head.
  • Come back slowly, move your toes, fingers, hands…all slowly…then open your eyes.

I carry this bubble of protection around me as an introvert naturaly. It keeps me shielded and keeps those at bay from getting in. But since i am working with energy, i make my bubble multiple times daily..

If your still feels under attacks after making your bubble, contact me to discuss other conditions that could be affecting your state.

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