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Activate your 3rd eye

What Will You Learn?

  • Connect to your higher Self by spiritually awakening the Third Eye Chakra. In this course you will build a bridge to access the wisdom of the universe, as you align with the divine source of energy within you.

Course Content

Intro to the 3rd eye Chakra
The Ajna chakra is commonly known as the third eye, in Sanskrit the meaning is ‘perceive’, ‘command’ or ‘beyond wisdom’. let's explore together it's power.

  • The 3rd Eye Chakra

1. Activate your 3rd eye
Activate your 3rd through connection to your higher Self by spiritually awakening the Third Eye Chakra.

2. The unique gift of insight
Our intuition speaks to us all in different ways. Clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), claircognizance (knowing), clairalience (smelling), clairtangency (touching), clairempathy (emotion) and clairgustance (tasting), may all be ways your soul speaks to you. We explore these and see what comes through with the strongest of resonance for you.

3. Be awaken
Release old habit patterns that are not supporting you and strengthen the light of your core being. We surrender and soften the hold of fear based energies, as you open to the vibration of love and allow it to encapsulate you.

4. Get information
Discover how to receive information you need, with clarity from your Third Eye Center. We begin to formulate firm, clear questions and open ourselves up to receiving the answers. Throughout this exercise we begin trusting our truth and allowing it to be consciously felt in a powerful way.

5. Remote viewing
We all have the ability to travel in time to remote view our future selves. This introspective flow was introduced by Edgar Cayce, known as the sleeping prophet. This fluid meditation will help you access your higher mind and guide you to a future dimensional reality.

6. Spirit helpers
You have a team of spirit helpers who are always at your side, awaiting instruction to support you when you need it. Create a relationship with one of your spirit guides to assist you and guide you through turbulent and confusing times.

7. The deep inner connection
We jump into the deep end as we connect with the ultimate energy within us. We have nothing to fear, as we use our life jacket (spirit helper) on this journey. Learn who you are through your truth and what your gifts are and how to express them in this world.