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What Will You Learn?

  • I will guide you into a state of presence, to connect you to your true energies, allowing you to awaken awareness that is the ground of your being and the true nature of the connection between your mind and body, so take a deep breath, follow the sound of my voice, through theses guided meditations.

Course Content

Body Scan Mediation
We're going from head into your body space, by focusing on the whole body, in one easy way, start to feel the breath again, practice to find an anchor in your body focusing on the breath & bring back a powerful awarness of your body.

  • Body Scan Meditation

Earth Meditation
The earth we stand on is a powerful element from where a myriad species, from plant to animals, to humans, come and thrive together. It is an element that symbolizes and inspires unity, diversity, growth, possibility, and support. Today, we will honor the power of our incredible planet through a beautiful grounding practice.

7 Chakras Balancing Meditation
In this meditation we will "hum" the sound of each chakra, to align & rebalance them.

Cleansing Meditation
Surrender to your breath, filter out from your whole body, all unwanted negative & used energies, all toxins, all pain, all old emotions, disturbing thoughts, past life events…

Yin Yang Meditation
bring balance and harmony to your masculine and feminine energy. Regardless of your gender, you may feel an unbalance of one. Allow your intuition to guide you where you may feel out of alignment and restore the harmony of your personal yin and yang.

Gratitude for your 5 senses
During this guided practice we will bring awarness to our body & specially to our 5 senses, we need to send more gratitude to whom we are!!

Raise your vibration
Forget about the outside world, allow yourself to bring your attention here to your body, to your energies, feel your core, feel your center, here and now.