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Reconnect to Earth, Grounding

What Will You Learn?

  • This course was created to give you additional support in your spiritual practices. The Masters, Guides and Being of Light channeled through us important information, practices, meditations, exercises, etc that can help you stay balanced and grounded. 
  • In this course we go into a lot of detail about why grounding is so important for you and your spiritual path.
  • I will also share with you how not being grounded can affect your manifestations and your health. In essence this is lack of abundance, lack of your needs being met. In order to live a fulfilled life we need to be grounded, centred and balanced in order to attract health, abundance and spiritual clarity.

Course Content

The Root Chakra
This covers the 1st chakra, the Muladhara Chakra. The 1st Chakra is responsible for feelings of stability and when imbalanced, fear and anxiety which actually can't stop you from growing.

  • The Root Chakra
  • Lesson 1.1 The Root Chakra

Theta Grounding Affirmations
Theta binaural beats paired with positive affirmations aligned with the root chakra, forming a repetitive positive thought cycle, which generates new neural pathways in your brain, perfect for grounding and growth.

Tree meditation, rooted & growing.
This lesson goes over why you should be like a Tree; expanding your branches outwards while being firmly rooted to the ground.

The Element of Earth
The earth we stand on is a powerful element from where a myriad species, from plant to animals, to humans, come and thrive together. It is an element that symbolizes and inspires unity, diversity, growth, possibility, and support. Today, we will honor the power of our incredible planet through a beautiful grounding practice. Imagine your feet like roots planted firmly into the earth.

Grounding Meditation 432Hz
Beautiful and powerful meditation where I will guide you to be grounded by connecting your roots to Mother Earth's core and bringing light back up to fill you with grounding energy. This meditation will help you feel balanced, peaceful, and centered.