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Harness Your Energy, To Heal Yourself & Others

This course is the Master traning a deep professional use, it is teached online & in person in Vienna, Austria.



  • Apply the skills learned in Energy healing Level 1
  • Expanding your knowledge of how energies flow
  • Awaken your abilities for healing and transformation
  • Use the 5 elements for Healing
  • How to Polarize a human been
  • Channel Higher Vibrational Energy Through the Hands
  • Understand how to Guide a Client into a Deep and Relaxed State
  • Removes energy blockages, adjusts the energy flow of the client & bringing the body into balance and harmony
  • How to work with the energy (chakra) systems
  • Clean the electromagnetic field (aura)
  • How to use a Pendulum in your healing practice
  • Understand the power of Crystals/Gemstones
  • Know How to Clear Attached Entities
  • Notions of Geobiology
  • Energy Healing Ethics and advices to develop your activity
  • Through Healing Others, You Will Raise Your own Vibration and UNDERSTAND Yourself Deeper

To Whom this course is design for:

  • For people who want to discover and develop natural healing abilities
  • For people who want to learn how to use subtle energy to heal blockages, pains, and trauma in the energy body
  • For people who want to create major breakthroughs for others through the power of subtle energy
  • This course is a great opportunity for Reiki practioner to improve their knowledge in energies
  • For people interested in strengthening their intuition
  • For people who want to start or improve their own healing business

I'll give you the tools necessary to build your Energy Healing practice:

Patrick Guerin - Energy Healer
  • Access all my knowledge which i build over years of practice
  • Expanding & raising your energies so you can become a healer
  • Awaken your abilities for healing and transformation
  • Intense 4 days of live training in small group in the beautifull city of Vienna, Austria
  • A complete Energy Healing Manual printed, with all techniques and charts
  • Certification at the end of completion of the course
  • Learn a unique and complete way of healing from traditional to modern techniques
  • Free access to my online meditations


This is a step by step course to help anyone learn energy healing – even if you don’t believe you can do it yet.

There will be 2 online evening sessions with Zoom to go deeper into the theoretical of energy to focus purely on practice when we meet live.

This course will give you a deep understanding of how run different types of energy for healing purposes.
You will learn how to give both short and long sessions with step by step action guides.

Whether you just want to heal yourself of deep trauma and subtle pain, or you want to start your own energy healing practice, this is course will inspire and educate you, in my own unique style which is down to earth, and based on what WORKS.

If you did Reiki and want to take your practice deeper, this is a perfect compliment that will deepen your understanding and give you a more creative approach to heal your clients.

Please note that you should have done my healing course level 1 which cover the basis of energy healing & at your regards some familiarity with the chakras, and if not, just take one of my free or paid courses on the chakra system before you begin!

Go time.

Next Training Dates:

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