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Raise Your Vibration

- MEDITATION - Raise Your Vibration

This is a 15 minute “Raise your VIBRATION” Session that puts you in positive power mode, beaming your energy. Use this short practice whenever you need a quick change in your energies and emotions or to reinforce and program your counscioussness in the most resourceful way. Allow your energy, mind, heart & soul to become best friends while connecting to your authentic self as a high vibrational being.

Many people find that using a headset or headphones will enhance the experience. This audio is mixed with Theta 5,5hz (binaural beats) & 432hz to increase feelings of relaxation, mental clarity and focus.

Energy Healing Course Vienna Europe

Energy Healing Course
"Explore & Empower"

In this course, you will learn how to develop your senses of perception to feel the energies following my detailed action guides that leave no stone unturned. From the fundamentals to advanced methods, this curriculum covers it all.

Aliveness retreat BALI 2024

This retreat invites you to dive deep within to find your inner compass and experience and elevate your energies. Join us in authentic Balinese wellness and cultural getaway into a spiritual world of develloping you consciousness, energy awarness & self-care!

Aliveness Retreat in Bali