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Consciousness Activation

About your session:

What is Consciousness Activation?

This is transformational journey through Consciousness

This is designed to take you beyond the ego-mind and into expanded states of consciousness.

Accessible and clear, this healing method will welcome you into your own direct experience with an integral approach to consciousness, to access expanded states of consciousness through listening your body, energy & emotions while connecting deeply to your soul.

Meaning it is for you to integrate many perspectives that are most relevant and potent for your living today.

We will open you into the world of non-conceptual consciousness of our bodies and expanded states harnessing different type of energies.

This is perfect to align to our soul’s purpose and path of growth through soul-level consciousness to finally, open into our Higher Self and Universal Consciousness.

Why we need it?

Living as we do in the communication and information age, it is time we faced up to the fact that the body can only function and regulate itself because communication and an exchange of information takes place between the various state of consciousness through your emotions.

Following my daily practice in energy healing i have seen many different partern, and this always comes back to our level of consciouness is here, within us, but not yet fullly activated.

So how to reconnect with this high consciousness that makes the human being so special? Well this have to do with our emotions, been raw, without judgement, just pure emotions. by letting the heart space open, we can access to our vital inner power and then our consciousness.

Grow into the full expression of being human and realize yourself beyond the ego-mind.

“To be in good health it is about listening our body, taking care of it every day, enjoying our life & then help someone else to enjoy their life.

Our body is our temple, sometimes we have to clean the energy inside, feel the balance between all elements.

It is with this approche that i will work with you and guide you.”

Patrick Guérin

Energeticien & Consciousness Activation

The Benefits

  • Calm and center your body and mind
  • Curing negative energy patterns
  • Align to a profound sense of love, belonging & connection
  • Living more fully as the realized, universal Being that you are
  • Merge with your energy field & expand your consciousness
  • Bring you into divine alignment
  • Activate and align to greater purpose, belonging, sovereignty & compassion
  • Release any emotions
  • Connect and grow your consciousness to greater levels