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Removing Entities

We will look for Entities when an anormal attidute is detected or any strange & unsual behavior is noticed.

What is an Entity?

It is a non-physical energy parasite with some consciousness of its own which attaches to your subtle energy body. The level of their effect on host can differ deppending on what they need from you… They are here to draw energy to realize their desires/needs. So this will affect your attitude.

Where are they from?

Our consciousness is shattered at the time of death and this facilitates some of our energetic bodies ascend to the Spiritual realms, whilst others reincarnate into new physical vehicles. Sometimes, particularly in cases whereby death has been violent, the spirit is traumatized and disoriented and can miss it’s “window” and as such becomes trapped in the astral layer, leaving it unable to return to the Source without assistance, though they are often unaware of their trapped state

Which Signs? Mental disorder and personality disorder...

The signs of spirit entity attachment are many and varied, ranging from:
  • Physical aches and pains
  • Paranoid delusion, hyperactivity
  • Madess, double personality
  • Excessive Anger, Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Complete spirit possession
  • Your desires/addictions renforced
  • Like drinking alchool, drugs, games, chocolate
  • Sex, power (political), glory, money, bad luck…

Spirit entities interfere with the client’s consciousness, choices and decisions and poison free will, and can lead to serious illness but aswell can be related to the creativity of artist, painters, musicians…

What do we do about it?

As an energy clearer, I often initially perceive a spirit entity as a darker patch or symbolic shape (sometimes geometric, other times not) in the clients energy system or Chakra system. Further investigation will usually uncover a more detailed perception of the spirit entities appearance as they usually try to conceal their presence for obvious reasons…

We have to make them understand through different techniques, they must continue their evolution voyage and let go this host and any other host.